Drakwald Nights - part 1 • 9littlebees

Drakwald Nights – part 1

Drakwald Nights – part 1

26-Jan-20 Mud and Blood Actual Play WFRP 0

We regret to inform you all that we are taking a slightly longer break from Carrion Company. As a result, we are posting this WFRP one-shot that community member Roders (now Sofia) ran for Matt and fellow Kult player Harry last year. Sofia won second prize in the 2019 Five-Page Fiction contest and choose this one-shot as her reward. Her prize-winning submission, Nights in the Drakwald, can be found at mbcast.co/drakwald

Since this one-shot is quite long, we’ve split it into 2 parts. The second part will go live in a fortnight, after which we will continue with Carrion Company.

Intro & Outro music is by Danheim, other ambient music is provided by 2018 ENnie award winning Tabletop Audio.

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