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6: Sandbox Campaign Prep

6: Sandbox Campaign Prep

12-Jul-18 Mud and Blood GM Advice 0

In Episode 6, Liam and Matt look at sandbox campaigns – specifically what they are, why you should care, and how to go about preparing one. Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.


Fate Core SRD: Faces & Places (link)
Dungeon World SRD: Gamemastering (link)
The Alexandrian: Gamemastery 101 (link)

Map Generators:

Hex Kit on itch.io (link) and DTRPG (link)
Hextml (link)
DavesMapper (link)
Watabou Medieval Fantasy City Generator (link)
Ordo Magica: Town Generator (link)

Product Pages:

The Lazy Dungeon Master on DTRPG (link)
Non-Player Compendium on DTRPG (link)
Fria Ligan’s Year Zero games (link)
Kevin Crawford’s Sine Nome Publishing on DTRPG (link)
Apocalypse World and derivatives on DTRPG (link)
Dungeon World and derivatives on DTRPG (link)
FATE Core on DTRPG (link)
The Traveller system on DTRPG (link)
Symbaroum on DTRPG (link)
Earin Shaad’s True Mask Games on DTRPG (link)
Vornheim on DTRPG (link)
Maze Rats on DTRPG (link)

Storytelling Cubes and Cards

Story Cubes (link)
Backstory Cards on DTRPG (link)
Storyteller Cards (link)
Story World cards on Amazon.com (link) and Amazon.co.uk (link)

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