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M&B07: Conan 2d20 Interview

M&B07: Conan 2d20 Interview

19-Jul-18 Interviews Mud and Blood 0

In Episode 7, we interview Jason Durall, the line developer of Conan 2d20 by Modiphius. Liam dials into Jason’s living room, where Matt has had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing him live in Berlin.

Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.

How to get in touch with Jason

Jason is active on:

  • the Modiphius Facebook page (link),
  • the Facebook Conan Gaming Group (link),
  • the Conan RPG Google+ community (link),
  • the Chaosium Facebook page (link),
  • the Runequest Facebook page (link),
  • the Chaosium Google+ community (link).


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