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M&B11: Thinking Inside the Sandbox

M&B11: Thinking Inside the Sandbox

16-Aug-18 GM Advice Mud and Blood WFRP 0

In Episode 11, Liam and Matt are joined by Liam’s GM Shawn, a seasoned Gamemaster who ran a WFRP sandbox game over 3 years of real time. We discuss his epic sandbox campaign to see what can be borrowed for our own games. Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.

Improv Resources for GMs

Play Unsafe on DTRPG (link)
Play Unsafe on Lulu (link)
Unframed on Engine Publishing (link)
Unframed on DTRPG (link)
[Unframed is also available on Amazon – search for the ISBN: 0983613346]


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