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M&B12: Degenesis Rebirth Interview

M&B12: Degenesis Rebirth Interview

24-Aug-18 Degenesis Interviews Mud and Blood 0

In Episode 12, we have the pleasure of interviewing Erwan Roudaut, the knowledgeable Community Manager of Degenesis Rebirth by SixMoreVodka. We’ve also posted a companion blogpost to this week’s episode to showcase the studio and the book’s art, which can be found at mbcast.co/smv-visit. Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.

Links from the Show:

  • YouTube live action Degenesis trailer 1 (link)
  • YouTube live action Degenesis trailer 2 (link)

How to get in touch with Erwan & SixMoreVodka

Erwan is active on:

  • Twitter as @Kaptcha_ (link)
  • the Degenesis Facebook group (link)
  • the Degenesis Discord server (link)

SixMoreVodka can be found at:

  • Their Website: SixMoreVodka.com (link)
  • Twitter as @SixMoreVodka (link)
  • Facebook as @SixMoreVodkaStudio (link)


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