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M&B17: Coriolis Interview with Fria Ligan

M&B17: Coriolis Interview with Fria Ligan

27-Sep-18 Coriolis Interviews Mud and Blood 0

In Episode 17, Liam and Matt are joined by Nils Karlén & Kosta Kostulas from Fria Ligan to discuss their sci-fi masterpiece, Coriolis. This game shakes up the sci-fi norm by ditching the European cultural model and instead aims (and hits) an “Arabian Nights in Space” feel. With the enigmatic Dark Between the Stars providing a subtle supernatural threat, and combat which is gritty and lethal, this game definitely pushes all the right Mud & Blood buttons.

Oh, and Matt will be running an Actual Play series featuring this game – Session Zero will be released in just over a week!

Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.

How to find Coriolis

  • Physical copies & PDFs at FriaLigan.se (link)
  • Physical copies & PDFs at Modiphius (link)
  • PDFs at DriveThruRPG (link)

Fria Ligan can be found at:

  • Their Website: FriaLigan.se (link)
  • Coriolis English Forums (link)
  • Google+ Coriolis Community (link)
  • Twitter as @FriaLigan (link)
  • Facebook as @FriaLigan (link)


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