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M&B19: Kenneth Hite’s Horrific Interview

M&B19: Kenneth Hite’s Horrific Interview

11-Oct-18 GM Advice Mud and Blood 0

In Episode 19 and in plenty of time for Halloween, Liam and Matt are joined by Kenneth Hite, arguably the king of RPG horror, to discuss all things horror. Kenneth has worked on and created a ton of horror-themed games, and is also the author of all 3 editions of the brilliant GURPS Horror supplement.

Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.

Ken’s Contact Info & Books

@KennethHite on Twitter (link)
@Kenneth.Hite on Facebook (link)
Kenneth’s profile on Google+ (link)

Vampire the Masquerade 5e on Modiphius (link)
Trail of Cthulhu on Pelgrane Press (link) and DTRPG (link)
Night’s Black Agents on Pelgrane Press (link) and DTRPG (link)
The Fall of Delta Green on Pelgrane Press (link) and DTRPG (link)
GURPS Horror 3e on Steve Jackson Games (link)

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