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M&B23: Shadow of the Demon Lord Review

M&B23: Shadow of the Demon Lord Review

08-Nov-18 Mud and Blood Reviews SOTDL 0

In Episode 23, we review Shadow of the Demon Lord, the horror fantasy game by Rob Schwalb. Matt also flicks through the Core Rulebook, The Companion, Godless & the GM Screen in his accompanying visual review over on our YouTube channel – follow this link: mbcast.co/youtube23

If you’d like to see our review criteria, all of our RPG reviews are collected at mbcast.co/reviews. Show music is the excellent track Berserkir by Danheim.

How to find SotDL

  • Physical copies & PDFs at Schwalb Entertainment (link)
  • Physical copies at Amazon (link)
  • PDFs at DriveThruRPG (link)

Rob can be found at:

  • His website (link)
  • Twitter as @rjschwalb (link)
  • Facebook as @Robert.J.Schwalb (link)
  • Google+ community (link)
  • MeWe community (link)
  • Shadow of the Demon Lord Cult on Facebook (link)
  • Discord server (link)

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