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M&B27: Helmgast Interview

M&B27: Helmgast Interview

15-Dec-18 Interviews Kult Mud and Blood 0

In Episode 27, Liam and Matt interview Petter Nallo and Robin Liljenberg about their dark, contemporary horror RPG KULT: Divinity Lost (KDL). Join us as we dig deep into this new game which uses a more traditional feeling Powered by the Apocalypse engine and provides some of the best GM advice we’ve ever seen written down.

Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.

How to find the Game

  • Helmgast web store (link)
  • Kult free resources (link)
  • Kult products at DriveThruRPG (link)

Helmgast can be found at:

  • Their website (link)
  • Official forum (link)
  • Twitter as @kultrpg (link)
  • Facebook as @KultDivinityLost (link)
  • Kult RPG Fans group on Facebook (link)

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