69: Hypertellurians Christmas Special • 9littlebees

69: Hypertellurians Christmas Special

69: Hypertellurians Christmas Special

26-Dec-19 Mud and Blood Actual Play Hypertellurians 0

This week, just in time for Christmas, here is a full one-shot actual play of Hypertellurians with 3 players: Matt, Liam, and Charlotte. Running the game is none other than the game creator himself – Frank Reding!

Frank has kindly created a voucher to get all his products on PDF for a discounted price. Use this link: mbcast.co/hyperdiscount

Intro and Outro music is Berserkir by Danheim. Ambient sounds produced by our own Liam Stevens, with background music by Lucas King (link).

How to find Hypertellurians

  • Mottokrosh website (link)
  • Hypertellurians at DTRPG (link)

Frank can be found at:

  • Twitter as @Mottokrosh (link)
  • Mottokrosh Machinations on Facebook (link)
  • Hypertellurians Discord server (link)

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