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86: Bringing the Environment to Life

86: Bringing the Environment to Life

02-Sep-20 Mud and Blood GM Advice 0

In Episode 86, Matt interviews Liam about how to bring environments to life. Here are some notes:

  • Urgency: Don’t give too much detail when the PCs are in a hurry
  • Just Enough: don’t aim to cover everything
  • Leave Gaps: so the players can interact with the environment
  • Pace Yourself: describe the important / evocative things and then back off – build on it as the players interact.
  • Senses: Lead with and focus on the non-visual senses (esp smell & touch). 
Questions to ask yourself when prepping a location:
  • What purpose is this scene filling?
  • What mood am I trying to evoke?
  • What am I trying to establish or achieve?
  • Is this interesting?
  • What’s unique about this scene?

Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.

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