87: Living Worlds • 9littlebees

87: Living Worlds

87: Living Worlds

23-Sep-20 Mud and Blood GM Advice Worldbuilding 0

In Episode 87, Liam and Matt follow on from our last episode about bringing environments to life with an episode about creating a living world. Here are our links:

Bringing it Together:
  • Start at Session Zero (collaborative world/settlement building).
  • Focus on fleshing out the Community, esp Rumours.
  • Any time you’re adding a character, creature, or faction – ask “why is it here?” and “what does it want?”
  •  Keep Threats connected & flexible, and use clocks / timers. 
  • Think about Conspyramids and Look For Patterns.
  • Ground PCs in reality and focus on downtime and mundane interactions.


Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.

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