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33: Into the Wilds

33: Into the Wilds

16-Feb-19 Mud and Blood GM Advice 0

In Episode 33, we take a look at The Wilderness. Many fantasy settings describe the wilderness as a wild and dangerous place, lethal to the unwary and full of monsters. Yet many games don’t go any further, leaving wilderness survival and travel as something to either be handwaved or ignored completely. Yet treating the wilderness as a dangerous and unpredictable part of your game can help make the setting feel even more compelling. Join us as we march west of civilisation, and tackle the subject of Wilderness.

Show music is Berserkir by Danheim.

Resources Mentioned

  • “Do Not Let Us Die in the Dark Night of This Cold Winter” at DTRPG (link)
  • “Nights in Drakwald” for WFRP 4e (link)

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