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Mud & Blood Five-Page Fiction Reward Terms

Tabletop Roleplaying on the dark side

We here at Mud & Blood are happy to support the 2018 WFRP Five-Page Fiction contest by providing one winner with the opportunity to come onto the show in 2019 and be involved in a WFRP 4e Actual Play one-shot.

If this is an option you would be interested in pursuing, here are the nitty-gritty details of what exactly this entails…

Terms & Conditions

Mud & Blood (M&B) are offering one 2018 WFRP Five-Page Fiction winner (Guest) the opportunity to come onto our podcast in 2019 for a WFRP 4e Actual Play one-shot. Guest can choose from one of the following:

  1. Player in a WFRP 4e one-shot.
  2. GM for a WFRP 4e one-shot running your prize-winning adventure.

In addition, Guest agrees to the following:

  1. The one-shot shall be recorded in one take and will last no more than 3 hours, possibly to be split into segments.
  2. The date and time are TBC, but M&B will go to great lengths to accommodate Guest.
  3. No promise is given as to which host will be involved in the Actual Play.
  4. Only one person shall be invited, not a group.
  5. Extreme or offensive behaviour or banter (either in our out of character) will not be tolerated (esp. actions of an extreme sexual nature), though “mild” swearing is fine. M&B are happy to discuss exactly what this entails with Guest if requested.
  6. To download any free software required to participate in the recording (this is likely to be Discord or Zoom, but is subject to change).
  7. To use a headset, which will prevent audio feedback loops from occurring in the recording.