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Nordsaga Pivot

Nordsaga Pivot

21-May-18 Nordsaga Roleplaying 0

Following on from the previous post which introduced Nordsaga’s setting (link), I’ve been hard at work refining the game’s core mechanics.

While it will still be based on the Year Zero Engine, this project started off as a personal project to make a rules-light(ish) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) clone using a non-d100 dice mechanic. I feel that recent drafts of the game have moved away from this, and with WFRP 4th edition releasing sometime in June, I have decided to pivot the project back towards its original intent.

Attributes & Skills

In a nutshell, this means I have revamped Attributes and Skills to sit somewhere between WFRP and existing Year Zero games.

There are now 7 Attributes which mirror the 8 Primary Characteristics from WFRP, plus Perception from the 40k game Dark Heresy. “Weapon Skill” and “Ballistic Skill” are currently removed, though I might add them back in later:

  1. Strength (STR)
  2. Agility (AGI)
  3. Toughness (TOU)
  4. Intellect (INT)
  5. Perception (PER)
  6. Willpower (WIL)
  7. Fellowship (FEL)

I have also expanded Skills to now encompass a much wider range. The 18 Basic skills can be used by all characters, even if they don’t have a rank in them. The 15 Advanced Skills require at least one rank to be used. Without that rank, an Advanced Skill can either not be attempted, or can be attempted with a penalty, as the GM sees fit.

I’m also looking at completely removing Talents and moving away from a Career-based advancement system (WFRP), and instead looking at a classless system. Essentially, you choose your Career when creating your character, but this only gives you starting stats. You then “level up” your skills though using them, not through earning XP and choosing potentially unrelated bonuses. Anyway, still very much a WIP.

With these changes, the game feels much more focused, and I am excited to continue getting it ready for playtesting.