Part 2 of a series of posts about Nordsaga, my upcoming alt-history Norse fantasy game.

Part 1: Setting

This post will discuss the base mechanics of the game – these are the main rules which underpin all others. Beware, it goes into a lot of detail, but is important if you want to understand how the game will run.

As always, the following is taken from the current draft of the book and is subject to change.

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For those of you who follow this blog, you may be a bit confused to see me posting about “Nordsaga” now.  As GFRP has been developed, it has taken a firm root in its Norse setting and diverged more and more from WFRP. Therefore, I felt it needed a better identity, and so it is now called “Nordsaga”.  I’ve gone back to rename previous blog posts (though not their urls) so it does not confuse new readers.

With that out of the way, here is the current state of Nordsaga’s setting introduction, as it appears in the first pages of the playtest rulebook:
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I have something of a dilemma with the setting for this game. Playable race plays a big part in how a game feels.

Currently there are 3 directions I could go, all of which are appealing to me for different reasons, but I’d really like to get some community feedback on what people would like to see in a Norse Mythology-inspired game set in our own world.

Please visit the survey link HERE to let me know what you think.



Two posts in as many days?  I’m on a roll!  This post will explore the one feature the really sets Nordsaga apart from its Year Zero parents: Careers.  In Forbidden Lands, characters choose a Profession, which is handled similarly to a Class in the most famous RPG of all.  Nordsaga instead will provide a large number of Careers, with the intention that players move between them during the course of a campaign.

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