I have something of a dilemma with the setting for this game. Playable race plays a big part in how a game feels.

Currently there are 3 directions I could go, all of which are appealing to me for different reasons, but I’d really like to get some community feedback on what people would like to see in a Norse Mythology-inspired game set in our own world.

Please visit the survey link HERE to let me know what you think.



Two posts in as many days?  I’m on a roll!  This post will explore the one feature the really sets Nordsaga apart from its Year Zero parents: Careers.  In Forbidden Lands, characters choose a Profession, which is handled similarly to a Class in the most famous RPG of all.  Nordsaga instead will provide a large number of Careers, with the intention that players move between them during the course of a campaign.

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