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Nordsaga Setting

Nordsaga Setting

25-Feb-18 Nordsaga Roleplaying 0

Nordsaga is set in an alternate history Dark Ages which asks: “What if legendary Viking warrior Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye had been given the aid of the Aesir (Norse gods) to push back Christianity’s spread?” The answer provides a pagan Norse Empire spread across central and northern Europe, with Emperor Sigurd still somehow ruling over the Imperial Kingdoms over four hundred years later.

Strange beings from across the Nine Worlds now inhabit Midgard (our Earth), some gifted with land by Emperor Sigurd. However, the events which brought these creatures also brought ethereal manifestations from Niflheim (the World of Ice) and Muspellheim (the World of Fire), which slowly began to corrupt our world in horrific ways.

Ever so slowly, these corrupting influences have taken root across the wild places of our world. Cults worshipping this corruption have become increasingly active, seeking to bring about Ragnarok (from which they believe they will be spared).

With the otherworldly threat ever growing, Emperor Sigurd has negotiated an uneasy truce with his neighbours. Despite the truce, tensions remain high, and the borderlands are still kept well defended. To the southwest, the Caliphates plot from their foothold on the Iberian peninsula while remaining powerful trade allies. To the southeast, the (Eastern) Holy Roman Empire desires its ancient lands, and seeks to undermine Sigurd’s Empire through its network of Christian agents planted within the Empire’s major towns. To the east, the Mongol Empire is determined to conquer everything in its path and awaits an opportunity to invade.

It is now the year of Sigurd 420 (~1270 AD), and there is much glory to be had, for those willing to seek it.