For those of you who follow this blog, you may be a bit confused to see me posting about “Nordsaga” now.  As GFRP has been developed, it has taken a firm root in its Norse setting and diverged more and more from WFRP. Therefore, I felt it needed a better identity, and so it is now called “Nordsaga”.  I’ve gone back to rename previous blog posts (though not their urls) so it does not confuse new readers.

With that out of the way, here is the current state of Nordsaga’s setting introduction, as it appears in the first pages of the playtest rulebook:

Nordsaga is set in an alternate history which asks: “What if legendary Viking warrior Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye had been given the aid of the Aesir (Norse gods) to push back Christianity’s spread?” The answer provides a pagan Norse Empire spread across Europe, with Emperor Sigurd somehow ruling over the Imperial Kingdoms after more than four centuries.

Strange beings from across the Nine Worlds now inhabit Midgard (our Earth), some gifted with land by Emperor Sigurd. However, the events which brought these creatures also brought ethereal manifestations from Niflheim (the World of Ice) and Muspellheim (the World of Fire), which slowly began to transform elements of our world in horrific ways.

Within the first century, these corrupting influences had taken firm root across the wild places of the Empire. Cults worshipping this corruption became increasingly active, seeking to bring about Ragnarok, the End of the World (from which they believe they will be spared). Travel between cities dwindled as tales spread of hideous, twisted creatures hiding in the hills and forests.

Despite the Emperor’s repeated efforts to rid his lands of this otherworldly menace, continuous threats on the Empire’s borders prevent him from using his full might. To the southwest, the Caliphates seek to spread from their foothold on the Iberian peninsula. To the southeast, the (Eastern) Holy Roman Empire desires its ancient lands. To the east, a new threat has emerged, an unstoppable Mongol Empire determined to conquer everything in its path.

It is now the year of Sigurd 440, and there is much glory to be had, for those willing to seek it.

There will be further sections on the setting (a gazetteer for the players and a history for the GM), though these have not yet been written.

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