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3 Skulls TV

3 Skulls Tavern is a YouTube channel devoted to tabletop roleplaying games and focused on the games (and engine) from Free League Publishing.
Featuring solo content, actual play campaigns, interviews, dev diaries, discussions, and more.


Year Zero Mini

YTM is a rules-light framework for playing RPGs in any setting using the Year Zero Engine, using the award-winning Tales From the Loop at its core.
There are a number of upcoming “spins” in the works: zombie apocalypse, post-apocalyptic scrap-mechs, space opera, neo-cyberpunk, gritty steampunk, and goblins.
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Introducing “Year Zero Mini”

[Update] The Year Zero Mini ruleset is now live and can be found here. Two game designers I have a lot of respect for have recently shared rules-light games that[…] Read more
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Nordsaga + Forbidden Lands

OK, it’s been a while since I’ve provided an update, and oh boy have I got a big one… I had a chance to playtest my latest Nordsaga draft just after[…] Read more

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Nordsaga Commissions

Deadlines Approaching! Work on Nordsaga continues, and I’m trying hard to get it finished and released before Christmas. To make it look amazing, I’ve enlisted the help of some creatives.[…] Read more

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