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Dark Fantasy Roleplay

Nordsaga is a tabletop RPG of gritty adventure based in a “Viking” Empire which stretches across an alternate Middle Ages Europe.

Featuring creatures from Norse mythology, runic magic, deadly combat, fluctuating sanity, deep career progression and a northern European setting, Nordsaga feels a lot like a Viking-flavoured Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, despite using normal six-sided dice in its “Year Zero Engine”.


Nordsaga is currently in an “Alpha” (unfinished) state. However, you can still take a look and even playtest the game. To get alerted to the next playtest phase, please sign up to my newsletter using the form below.


Nordsaga Blog Posts

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Following on from previous Nordsaga posts which introduced the setting (link) and describe how I’m pivoting the design back towards WFRP (link), let’s take a look at the playable races ...

Nordsaga Pivot

Following on from the previous post which introduced Nordsaga’s setting (link), I’ve been hard at work refining the game’s core mechanics. While it will still be based on the Year Zero ...

Nordsaga Setting

Nordsaga is set in an alternate history Dark Ages which asks: “What if legendary Viking warrior Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye had been given the aid of the Aesir (Norse gods) to push ...