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Tabletop Roleplaying on the dark side

Dark Fantasy Survival

Nordsaga is a tabletop RPG of gritty survival and exploration in an alternate-history “Norse” Empire which stretches across an alternate Middle Ages Europe.

The Black Death (the plague that brought the world to its knees) has ravaged the Empire, spurred on by Ylda, an otherworldly corruption that is slowly transforming our world. Nordsaga takes place a couple of years after the plague began sweeping the Empire, and focuses specifically on the region around Jorvik in northeastern Bretland (York, England). Far from the heart of the Empire, this land has been decimated and left to fend for itself.

You and your group of allies have survived the Plague and are now determined to explore and claim what you can of this broken land.

Featuring creatures from Norse mythology, a relentless ethereal corruption, deadly combat, flawed characters, and a north(western) European setting, Nordsaga is inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, but uses a lightly modified version of Forbidden Lands, the brilliant dark fantasy game by Fria Ligan (link).


Nordsaga is currently in an “Alpha” (unfinished) state. However, the first playtest document is due to be released in 2019.

If you get a chance to play the game, your feedback would be appreciated – you can send it via email or get in touch on DiscordReddit, Facebook, or MeWe.

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